Kristin McElvain

Teacher Credentialing Program

Eight years after I majored in liberal studies at California State University, Chico, I decided to continue my education by enrolling into the teacher credentialing program at Simpson University with aspirations of becoming an educator.

My education in the credentialing program at Simpson prepared me to be a devoted and loving teacher. I learned that a profession in education is not for the timid; being a teacher requires you to be bold. Simpson gave me the confidence to do just that! A few short months after graduating from the credential program, I began teaching first grade.

I chose to attend Simpson University for a few reasons. First was because of its biblical worldview. I wanted an education that supported my core values. Secondly, I chose Simpson because of its location. I believe that Redding is one of the best places to live.
We have access to some of the most beautiful treasures in California, from lakes and rivers to mountains. Redding is where I grew up, and I plan to raise my family here. Another reason I picked Simpson is because of its convenient class schedule. Having my credentialing courses in the evening allowed me to work while I completed my classes.

My experience at Simpson was extremely rewarding, and the relationships and friendships that I made carry over into my professional career. The program fosters a sense of community that encourages teamwork and trust.

The School of Education staff was friendly and helpful. The professors who taught each of my courses were knowledgeable and well-versed in their areas of expertise. I felt confident in what I was learning and how I could apply each concept in my own classroom. Success, for me, is to be able to open doors for tomorrow's generation, through a well-rounded and value-based education.

I continue to recommend Simpson University to those who are looking to go back to school. The quality of the education available through Simpson, namely the School of Education, is excellent, and the support that was given to me was paramount to my success.


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